Ma Groover's Artisan and Vintage Goods

Even as a baby, Ma Groover had some fierce style. It came to her naturally, as both grandfathers were Groovers (they married cousins a lot back in the Olde Countrie). Her parents were Groovers. She grew up and married a Groover, who was himself descended from a long line of Groovers. Every last one of these people was fabulous. But, and it pains us to say this, they were also hoarders. Every last one of them.

The Groovers and their extended families traveled widely, read voraciously, and collected indiscriminately. This provided a very entertaining childhood, and an endless source of dress-up material for Ma Groover, her friends and later, her friends' children and their friends.

But Pa Groover and I, after long discussion and soul searching and maybe a little bit of flouncing, have come to the realization that we simply have Too. Much. Stuff. Dead people's stuff that we have inherited or otherwise acquired in our combined century and a half of collecting.

The time has come to unload the majority of stuff that fills our home and storage unit. We loved it long time. Now it's your turn. Let your kids figure out what to do with this shit.